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1 December 30, 2021


1. Danila A. Inzhuvatov, Ali Kalmamatov
Use of Mathematical Models in the Energy Sphere of Human Activity

European Journal of Renewable Energy. 2021. 6(1): 3-8.
DOI: 10.13187/ejre.2021.1.3CrossRef

It is impossible to imagine a modern human society without energy, and the need for it is increasing every year. To meet this need, first of all, it is necessary to conduct research in this area. Conducting such studies will show the current state of energy efficiency in the enterprise. It allows you to analyze the use of energy resources of the enterprise, the cost of them, to detect places of unreasonable use of resources, to develop a program for the implementation of energy-saving events and projects. Since these technologies are complex and expensive, scientists suggest testing new technologies on mathematical models, which is faster and much cheaper. This paper provides a literature review of examples of the use of such models in various energy sectors. On these examples it will be possible to clearly see the relevance of this topic. It is concluded that mathematical modeling of energy facilities has widely penetrated into many branches of the national economy. Moreover, the environment for the software implementation of the developed models varies in a wide range, from the universal MathCad type to specialized software packages. The paper considers only some areas of energy, where this issue is most important, and also summarizes the benefits obtained by using mathematical models.

URL: https://ejre.cherkasgu.press/journals_n/1673643250.pdf
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2. Danila A. Inzhuvatov, Igor A. Krasnov
Analysis of the Possibility of Introducing Energy Saving Technologies in Russia

European Journal of Renewable Energy. 2021. 6(1): 9-14.
DOI: 10.13187/ejre.2021.1.9CrossRef

Due to the difficult global economic situation, the issue of rational use of energy resources is very acute. Therefore, the possibility of introducing various energy-saving technologies in Russia is a topical issue and requires special attention. As a result of the literature review of various experiences in the implementation of these technologies in the world, a conclusion was made about the feasibility of introducing these methods. At the same time, do not forget about optimization problems. Despite the low profitability of this process, in comparison with the introduction of new technologies, at least partial optimization can achieve decent results, and at the same time, reduce costs, because many technologies are at a relatively low level of development. A good alternative would be a smooth transition to technologies related to renewable energy sources, which, despite the cheapness and availability of fossil resources, continue to develop in the Russian Federation. The experience of introducing resource-saving technologies in different regions of Russia is considered: the use of solar, wind geothermal energy.

URL: https://ejre.cherkasgu.press/journals_n/1673643347.pdf
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3. Kirill D. Ivanov, Irina V. Soklakova
Problems of Using Renewable Energy Sources for Energy Saving in Production

European Journal of Renewable Energy. 2021. 6(1): 15-20.
DOI: 10.13187/ejre.2021.1.15CrossRef

The article discusses the problems of using renewable energy sources. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of energy are studied, the effects on the environment are compared, and the characteristics of each type are analyzed. The possibility and prospects of using industrial buildings remote from the grid for power supply and in case of problems with electricity are being investigated. In practice, many types of autonomous power systems are used, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the best option may depend on the future location of the installation, the climate in a particular region, and other important factors. You should also pay attention to the cost of equipment, components and periodic maintenance. In any case, autonomous power supply is an opportunity to avoid dependence on the central network, saving on electricity bills.

URL: https://ejre.cherkasgu.press/journals_n/1673643422.pdf
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4. Marina S. Mitina
Collection and Utilization of Biogas

European Journal of Renewable Energy. 2021. 6(1): 21-40.
DOI: 10.13187/ejre.2021.1.21CrossRef

The article deals with the problems of collection and utilization of biogas. The types of biogas, its main sources, the composition and patterns of biogas formation, the dependence of the biogas yield on the type of organic source are analyzed. The problems of climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect are considered. Possibilities for the collection and utilization of biogas are being explored. A system for biological treatment of domestic wastewater is being developed. The advantages and disadvantages of modern biogas processing plants are analyzed. The problems of animal waste processing in Russia and the possibility of building biogas parks are considered, using the example of Germany. Due to the fact that industrial gas production is developing very actively, production volumes are increasing. This negatively affects the state of the ecosystem. As a result of the ever-increasing consumption of natural resources and, in particular, natural gas, emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere have increased dramatically. This led to a sharp increase in the greenhouse effect. Which in turn leads to climate change no longer locally, but on a planetary scale: melting glaciers, an increase in the water mass of the oceans, global warming. Therefore, the urgency of the problem of collecting and utilizing biogas is increasing every day.

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